In Georgia, in winter there is where to relax and have fun. We offer a 5-day tour of winter Georgia.
Day 1. Tbilisi – city tour.
Day 2. Mtskheta is the ancient capital of Georgia and the Georgian Military Road to the Ananuri Fortress.
Day 3. Chateau Mukhrani – the palace of the princes of Bagration-Mukhran, we taste Georgian wines from princely cellars. We go to Borjomi and in the park we drink mineral water directly from the source. There, in the park, there are baths with warm sulfuric water, you can swim right in the open. Around is snow, cold, and people bathe in warm water. From there we go up to the Bakuriani ski resort. It is located in the middle of dense coniferous forests. Overnight in Bakuriani.
Day 4. If you like skiing, on this day you will have the opportunity to ski or sled. On the cable car we go up to Mount Kokhta, from there a beautiful view of the surroundings opens. Take a small narrow-gauge train (called the cuckoo) to Borjomi itself. The road is very picturesque, through dense forests littered with snow. Overnight in Bakuriani.
Day 5. Rabat is a huge medieval fortress. Vardzia is a cave city monastery of the 12th century. We are returning to Tbilisi.

In Georgia, tangerines ripen in November. And they grow only in the west of Georgia, in particular in the Guria region. Autumn in Guria is very beautiful and warm. Green tangerine gardens are decorated with yellow fruits. They hang low and collecting them is not at all difficult. Harvesting tangerines will be no less fun than picking grapes, because you can eat it directly from the tree and as much as you like. And the friendly owners will also allow you to take a couple of kilograms with you. After work, a well-deserved rest with light Gurian wine and local dishes. And of course, incomparable Gurian dances and songs.

For lovers of fishing we open a tour of the lakes, rivers and ponds of Georgia. Tours can be one-day, as part of the general sightseeing tour, and specialized, for professional fishermen. There are a lot of rivers in Georgia, but not all are suitable for high-quality fishing. In the rivers of the Kura basin (Alazani, Iori), catfish, carp, barbel, rudd, bream are found in large numbers. In the rivers and lakes of the Black Sea basin, crucian, pike, catfish, trout, sturgeon, perch are caught. But we must bear in mind that catching river and lake trout is prohibited, and on many water bodies only sport fishing is allowed. To understand the fish map of Georgia will help our masters of fishing.

We are opening a new original route for small wineries of Eastern and Western Georgia. Of the 523 varieties of grapes that grow here, a small part of it is cultivated for winemaking. I want something new, and then all Saperavi and Rkatsiteli. And small farms play an important role in promoting unknown, but very colorful wines. It is there that you can taste wines like Chkhaveri, Tsolikauri, Ojaleshi pink Orbeli, Tsitska, Aladasturi, Dirbula, Krahuna, Tavkveri, Kisi. Names sound like a song. The wines of Western Georgia are lighter, sparkling, with sourness and unforgettable aroma. And so that the trip did not turn out to be too drunk, the route is laid along non-tourist places and you will see monuments that tourists have seen from the units.