Imagine lush subtropical forests rises to the sea, the Roman fortress, medieval arched bridges, waterfalls and beautiful Batumi- is Adjara. Of course with him, and we should start. The famous this city? Its port, unique buildings, cozy, outdoor cafe, 10-kilometer-long boulevard, Piazza, beaches, dolphin, aquarium, botanical garden, a variety of festivals and concerts, museums and churches. All this should not just be seen from the window of the bus, and stay, and on foot, slowly, enjoy the views, the sun, the sea, washed down with all this cool wine or hot coffee. Evening Batumi is especially beautiful, so take your time to go to bed early. But then you can walk around the neighborhood. 10 km from the city, Gonio, located ancient Roman fortress Apsaros. Fortress, despite the time, in excellent condition. There preached Apostle Matthew the Apostle Andrew. Heading into the interior of Batumi Adjara can walk through medieval (12-13 century), arched bridge, enjoy the views of the subtropical forest, waterfalls and gorges. These humid subtropical forest in the national park Mtirala attract lovers of hiking or horseback riding.