One of the most beautiful parts of western Georgia-Imereti. Rich in historical monuments and amazing natural wonders, Imereti famous for its culinary delights. On the way to Kutaisi note Katskhi pillar. 40 meter monolithic rock with a small church at the top, where he lives a hermit monk. The second largest city  Kutaisi – to the 11th century was the main city of the royal Bagrationi dynasty, hence it began the union of Georgian lands in a single state. It is therefore not surprising that the city is rich in historical monuments. This millennial Bagrati temple, Gelati Monastery and Academy (12th century), the monastery complex Motsameta (8th century). The historic center of Kutaisi with its famous White bridge you into a lyrical mood, as these streets ran the young Mayakovsky, who studied at Kutaisi gimnazii.Nedaleko Kutaisi is a picturesque spa resort Tskhaltubo and around the resort are two beautiful caves Sataplia and Prometheus . Visit them you will visit in the world of “The Lord of the Rings”, the impressions will remain for a long time. 30 kilometers out in the gorge Okatse walk on suspended at a height of 150 meters track, and then go down and you will find waterfalls Kinchha, very beautiful and very cold. For hikers rekomeduem visit Mount Khvamli, which is associated with many legends.