And now, about Kakheti, which is famous not only for its wines, but also for its historical monuments.

The monastery complex David Gareji, which was founded by one of the Assyrian Fathers St. David in the 6th century. The complex of the rocky ridge stretches more than 20 kilometers. But the Monastery of St. Nino in Bodbe is compact, beautiful and well-groomed, as befits a nunnery.In it rests St. Nino. Nearby, in 2 km, is located the ancient town – Sighnaghi, the city of love. He is recovered in the form in which it was 400 years ago. With its 4-km from the ramparts, towers, churches, wine cellars and winding streets, it is located on your lyrically romantic mood. A view of the Alazani valley and snow-covered Caucasus aerial view does not describe in words, it must be seen.

What remains to be seen in Kakheti? Alaverdi Cathedral (11c) and one of the highest churches of Georgia, the royal residence of the Grammy (16c), the Monastery Nekresi (6c), the estate of Prince Chavchavadze, Monasteries old and new Shuamta, respectively 6-7c and 16c.

And of course it is necessary to visit the wineries of Kakheti, where there is a multi-and 8 km tunnel Hareb wine, wine museum Napareuli, wine cellar of the 16th century Numis and others.

For lovers of ecotourism beautiful Lagodekhi, Vashlovani exotic preserves, lurking Eagle Gorge.