The ancient capital of Georgia (Iberia) -Mtsheta, with its ancient relics. It was there in the 4th century accepted Christianity King Mirian III and his wife Queen Nana.Nearby in the church Samtavro are their tombs. Near Svetitskhoveli Cathedral (11c), which stores a robe-Christian relics of the Lord, and the relics of St. Andrew, according to legend, the cloak of Elijah the Prophet. Instead of Mtskheta, on the mountain is a temple Jvari (6c), who visited later Lermontov,who wrote a poem “Novice”. Having been there, you understand why there visited muse to the great poet.In 8 km from Mtskheta, in the gorge, there is Shio Mgvime Monastery (6c). There can be seen carved into the cliffs of the cave in which the hermit monks lived. It is necessary to visit Gori to see where Stalin was born and in what conditions he grew up. The world’s only exhibition dedicated to the great dictator: the house where he was born, his personal belongings, gifts presented to the leader of an armored car in which he was moving across the country. But Gori is also the old town and the ancient fortress towering over the rooftops. In 12 km from the Gori-Uplistsikhe is the ancient city carved into the rocks, which age is about 3,000 years.There is an ancient theater,wells for criminals,streets and wards.

In the village of Mukhrani it is necessary to stay to see the Palace of representatives of the estate of the royal Bagrationi dynasty Mukhrani and there is the same taste wines from their ancestral cellars.

Who are interested in archeology, they need to visit the town of Dmanisi. There, next to the ancient fortress, which in itself is already attraction, it was the first discovery of the remains of two Europeans Mzia and Zezva , aged 1.8 million Years. With the figures there is no error, a proven fact.