From Tbilisi to 150 km in the picturesque Borjomi gorge, it is a small resort town with a worldwide reputation – Borjomi. Cosy resort hosted many celebrities, and Chekhov and Tchaikovsky and all the Soviet party functionaries. It housed the All-Union House of Writers and Artists. And before anyone here in Likani built his palace imperial Romanov family. And Catherine’s Palace and the source open to guests. South of Borjomi, in the historical region of Georgia, Samtskhe, is the town of Akhaltsikhe. It is a monument to the glorious Queen Tamara, she paid a lot of attention to the region. In Akhaltsikhe bound to attract your attention to an old fortress. It is restored in all its glory and is located in the old city of Rabat. 20 km from the city in a dense forest located Sapara Monastery (10th century), and if you go further east, will see well-preserved fortress Khertvisi. From the fortress very close to the gem of Samtskhe-Javakheti -peschernogo city monastery Vardzia (12th century). The complex is enormous – 8 floors, 400 rooms, wine depository, secret passages, carved into the rock church-all this gives imagination.

Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park is the largest in Georgia. Covered with dense forests, where there are no towns, it takes more than 1% of the shit is the best place for hiking and horseback riding.