Kolhida- so this place used to be called. 3000 years ago, the first tourists in the face of the Argonauts arrived and took away the Golden Fleece Medea and brutal beauty. And before them, here in the mountains of Svaneti was chained Prometheus to a rock. A large number of historical monuments and natural wonders will not leave anyone indifferent. Martvili canyon with amazing transparent blue water and tall Caucasus Mountains covered with glaciers, the origins of the Inguri River, Colchis Reserve – for hikers and the beauties of nature. For lovers of historical Monuments- princes Dadiani palace in Zugdidi, the medieval tower in the ancestral place, ancient churches and church mountainous Svaneti Poti, a copy of Constantinople St. Sofia and very ancient ruins of the ancient city-fortress Nokalakevi. Dadiani Palace Museum exposition is one of the best in Georgia. It contains unique work of art, a large collection of ancient weapons, personal belongings of the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, and one of the three existing in the world, his death mask. Immediately kept Christian relics, the relics of St. And St. George. Marina, as well as the coat of the Virgin Mary.